Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nurses Update From Kiirua

What they say is true, time really does fly when you are having fun. We find it hard to believe that we only have three weeks left here in Kenya. We all have mixed feelings about our departure but are proud of the work accomplished during our stay and look forward to sharing stories once we get home.
Last Tuesday, we had our first blood pressure clinic with the Ruju Women's Group and today we conducted our second clinic with the Muchui Women's Group. For each of the women who attended, we took their weight, blood pressure, and did a respiratory assessment. Each of us set up our own station and recording the findings. Following this, we gathered all the women to answer any general question they had regarding their health. This was the second time the clinic had taken place. The last group of students made cards in which each women could record the findings. This was very useful. Some of the women who had high blood pressures back in February had lower blood pressures this time. It was great to see the women taking an active role in their health. We hope this trend continues for when the next group of UPEI students come. For the women who had high blood pressure or abnormal respiratory findings, we suggested that they go see a doctor and gave them advice on how to lower their blood pressure, as well as, improve their respiratory status. The women impressed us with their enthusiasm and general concern about their health. It was nice to see the women take time for themselves because we know how hard they work. The women even asked if we could check their blood sugars the next time a clinic is held. It is great that we can partner with the women and find out what their health concerns are. We hope we can make this happen for the next clinic.
This Saturday, we are having our last menstruation presentation with a group of teenage girls from around the community and will be giving them all reusable menstrual pads. Next week we are planning to revisit the schools and talk to the girls about the reusable menstrual pads. We hope to get a general feedback about the pads, as well as, answer any questions the girls may have. We will give an update on how both of these sessions go and our work we have done during our last two weeks in Kenya. We are all looking forward to sharing stories and pictures when we get home.