Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kim Critchley visits Childrens Home

UPEI Kim Critchley visits Children’s Home

Kim Critchley is in Kenya this week exploring the possibilities of having 4th year nursing students do a four year rotation at St Theresa’s Maternity and Cottages Hospital. The hospital is located in Kiirua and is run by the Sisters of St. Theresa of the Little Child of Jesus.

The Sisters also run a Children’s Home (we would call it an orphanage) near Kiirua. We saw 20 babies and about 40 children between three and four years old. The babies were being bathed and changed before being taken out to crawl around on a rug.

The three and four year olds included some children from the community as well as the children staying in the home. They were being fed porridge.

Prepared by Teresa Mellish
January 30 2009

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