Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nutrition and Nursing visit the womens groups

Today both the nutrition and nursing teams met with the Muchui and Ruuju Womens Groups executives. Dr. Kim presented at the continuing education session to St. Teresas staff at 7:45 and afterwards we all headed to Ruuju after a brief stint at the Nakumatt; printing program plans and checking emails on amazingly fast internet!

Ruuju Women were waiting for us and after introducing the members of the partnership network, consisting of Farmers Helping Farmers, Ruuju Women and the University of Prince Edward Island, we settled into discussing the details of dates and times for the work with the women, schools and communities. Everyone had a tour of the amazing Ruuju school garden, and in the final stages of the meeting in the dining hall, had the pleasure of the noisy din of many little voices enjoying their morning uji (porridge).

A similar meeting at the Muchui Business centre was held in the afternoon, with support from Salome and Martin and everyone also enjoying a tour of the bustling green houses. For me, it was the culmination of many hours of investigating, dreaming and planning. Seeing it all come together and everyone feeling great and is just fabulous!

The new Muchui members, all forty of them, were invited to greet us guests. The appear to be a bright and energetic group which can be anticipated to really enhance the group.

Muchui women are expecting TC (tissue culture) banana plants in early August, which they will grow-up for sale in the rains beginning in October. The students have arranged with Salome to join with the women in the labour of transplanting to gain a better understanding of what is involved with growing plants at the nursery and how hard these women work to support the business centre endeavour.

Colleen Walton
June 30,2010

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