Saturday, March 17, 2012

Week 1 - Kenya 2012

Our first week in Kenya has been a great experience. We arrived in Nairobi on Friday night. Henry and Shadd were there to meet us. All the flights went well, we only had one little problem… five of us ended up with no luggage! On Saturday we went to Rhodas farm and it was beautiful. We were all very excited because we got to see many different animals that you would not find on PEI! We got to see antelope, hartbeasts, different types of birds, zebras, and most importantly we got to see 6 giraffes! We were all very excited and the lunch that they provided for us was delicious.
When we arrived to our house on Sunday we went for a walk around Ichamara and we all felt as though we were on display. There were many friendly faces and smiles greeting us. That evening Gerald arranged for all the headmasters and drivers to come to the house for tea so we could meet them and discuss what was going to occur over the next five weeks. It was really nice to be able to meet everyone before the first day. Since our luggage still hadn’t arrived we decided that we would start school on Tuesday so we would show up with fresh clothes, and not the clothes we had been wearing since Thursday!
Tuesday was a very exciting day. We loved meeting the children and finally getting to our schools. Their smiling faces and kind behaviour made us all very excited for the following weeks. The staff at the schools have been extremely welcoming and already it is starting to feel like home. The first week has flown by and today we are heading to the market. We are enjoying Kenya so much and are so grateful for the kindness from all the people that we have met so far. Stay tuned for next weeks blog!
Here is a link for Rhoda’s farm:

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