Monday, April 2, 2012

Week Three

Hello everyone,

Week three was once again...great! Monday-Thursday we were all in our schools teaching, preparing students for the upcoming K.C.P.E. (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education)tests that will be written during April 3-5. Throughout the week our schedules needed some reconfiguring due to the students tests, however, like any other day we simply coped. Throughout the week and into the weekend we had terrific weather. Each day sunny and warm, so nothing to complain with regrds to that. Friday was a big day. Each of us had the opportunity to showcase where we had been teaching for the previous few weeks, and introduce one another to the rest of the staff and students. Trip began with Shannon and Emily taking us to Ithanji Primary. Very nice school with amazing staff and students. Paul, their head teacher, accompanied our tour before taking us on a walk around the school grounds, showing us the many projects that Farmers Helping Farmers has helped fund over the years. Next stop was Matuto, where Doug and Amy have been teaching for the past few weeks. Like Ithanji, very lovely staff and student body. Very nice school which seemed to be situated on the top of a mountain, absolutely beautiful views. Each of the classes, like at Ithanji, sang us a song or played a game with us. It was nice to see what amazing voice they all have and the level of participation is incredible. Seems everyone wants to sing and is always smiling. The final stop was Tambaya, where Ashley and I have been teaching. We arrived just shortley after 1 pm, where Stanley, the head teacher, and his staff had prepared a very nice lunch for us. I don't think any of us expected this, however I think it was well recieved. Afterwards, Stanley allowed Ashley and I to take the rest around to each of the classes and briefly introduce them to each of the teachers and their students. One of the major differences between Tambaya and the other two schools is the number of students in each of the classes. Tambaya is one of the larger schools in the area, so student introductions were replaced by a class song. After a brief visit to each of the classes it was time for for us to head home. Great way to meet the rest of the staff and students at each of the schools, and a great way to see just how amazing all of the kids here in the Mukurwe-ini district really are.on Saturday, the six of us went to Nyeri to visit the very lovely Green Hills Hotel. This involved some much needed relaxation along side the hotel pool, taking in as much sun as we could...sorry not trying to make you jealous...but it was beautiful! On Sunday, we attended a Church service next to the Ithanjo Primary school, which was very nice. Afterwards we had lunch at Paul's house(Matuto's head teacher). Beatrice, his wife, had prepared a very delicious lunch, while his daughter Hilda, who could barely contain herself with excitement, served us a very special dessert she had picked out from the grocery store the day before. Hilda is in Grade 2 and is very cute. After a visit with Paul and his family it was time for us to head home. I think we were all pretty tired after a long yet productive week 3. Hope all is well back home! Take care.

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