Friday, September 28, 2012

2011 Village Feast Cookhouse under construction

Cookhouse under construction at Marinya-a-Ruibi Primary School
The 2011 Village Feast from Souris raised $13,000 for another cookhouse. 
The Village Feast  is a community based group based in Souris PEI  which raises funds for both Souris charities and an international charity.  Farmers Helping Farmers is delighted that they have chosen us as their charity.

These funds are being used to build another cookhouse in Kiirua, Kenya.  They are being used at the Marinya-a-Ruibi Primary School- a school with 250 students from kindergarten to standard 8 (comparable to PEI  grade 8).
The cookhouse should be completed in the next month or so- and we are looking forward to seeing students getting their lunch  in it  when we go to Kenya in January.

Marinya-a-Ruibi School is a new school in our twinning program.   It is twinned with  the Sunday School at Southwest United Church in Margate.  

During the past year a new kitchen garden was established and a school lunch program started.   The parents supply maize and beans for the school lunch.

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