Thursday, October 18, 2012

New classrooms at Ruuju Primary School

Farmers Helping Farmers used the funds raised last year by Caitlin McCarthy from Florenceville, NB to finish two new classrooms at the Ruuju Primary School.

Both of these classrooms badly needed to be replaced. The school received some funds from the Kenyan government which were used to build the walls up to the lintal stage (top of the doors).   But there was not enough money to finish the construction.

So we used the $2000 left over from Caitlin's fund raising efforts from last year to finish the classroom.  Her funds paid for the rest of the walls up to the roof plus the cement floor as well as the windows and  doors .     Farmers Helping Farmers contributed some money from general fund raising to get tables and benches built for the children.    We kept the old roof.   As usual, Jennifer Murogocho did a great job supervising the construction.

Now the children have a dry, safe place to study. And they even have a new blackboard.  In the photos, the head teacher is standing outside the classrooms.  And in the other picture, the teacher Damaris Kiminya is working with the students in one of the classrooms.

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Evans Karanja said...

Thank you for the good work you are doing in Kenya, I just read about you! Merry Christmas!