Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Boda-bodas: motorcycle taxis

Boda-bodas are motorcycle taxis in Kenyan rural areas.
They are 125 cc motorcycles usually driven by young men. For a small fee you can hop on the back and they will take you where you want to go. Helmets are optional for the driver and rare for the passengers.
We have seen up to four people on a motorcycle. We have seen cans of milk; a pig on another, a goat on still another. We have seen bags of feed and a whole stock of bananas.
On the rural roads, they seem to try to drive close as possible to people on foot and then honk their horns making people jump out of the way.
Yesterday I saw about 12 bikes waiting at the boda –boda- stand in Mukurwe-ini where they wait for passengers- but they will also pick you up anywhere if they are empty.
I will attach a couple of photos I took yesterday and will try to add more photos as I see them.

Teresa Mellish
Feb 16, 2011

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