Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week 1 - Murray Gillies

Mother nature seemed to disapprove of our trip to Kenya, but finally after a storm cancellation in Charlottetown, a mechanical cancellation in Paris and a few hours worth of delays we arrived in Nairobi. Although we were 2 days late and lost a lot of time to delays and cancellations, it was well worth the time; and this has only been the first week! After a short nights sleep in Nairobi we departed on the long drive to Ischmara. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking! It is always changing and is never the same. Shadowed by the magnificent mount Kenya, the country stretches out in all four directions as completely different landscapes. All of which kept us wide-eyed as we drove to where we would be working first.
Working with the farmers and the animals here has been very rewarding. The farmers are incredibly nice and eager to learn anything that you may have to teach them. From diagnosing and treating individual animals to teaching at seminars put on by the different dairies, it fills oneself with a great sence of pride at being able to teach, knowing it does make a difference and seeing how grateful the farmers are that you were willing to help them out. I can only imagine the next 2 weeks will be even better than the first, which was already amazing!

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