Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cookhouse and kitchen at Ithanji Primary School

by Teresa Mellish

Ken and I visited the Ithanji Primary School yesterday to see their new cookhouse (kitchen). Esther ( Parents committee  chairlady) and  Dorothy (twinning teacher) met us to show how the kitchen is being used to cook porridge and lunch for over 100 students and staff for the school. The kitchen was funded by the Stonepark School.   It still lacks some paint and windows.  There are benches outside the kitchen for the students to eat lunch during rainy saason.

Although everyone told us about the positive impact the kitchen was having on the students,  they also had high praise for the three water tanks at the school.  Two tanks  were still full of water and they had used one tank since the beginning of the school year.

The School showed us the maize and beans contributed by the parents   They told us they plan to plant a kitchen garden soon.

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