Saturday, February 2, 2013

Greetings from the 2013 Veterinary Branch of FHF

Ari, Melissa, Dr. John and I spent our first week working with Dairy groups in the Karatina area.  This year FHF has provided a handbook filled with various fact sheets for farmers who attend our information seminars.  They are very popular!  The Dairy group managers have been very happy to meet with us and really enjoy highlighting the improvements they have made over the past year.  We are soaking in the beauty, life, and action that is all around us.

On Saturday January 26 with help from the Muchui Men’s and Women’s groups, we held a walk in clinic for the farmers in the Kiirua Dairy group.  A steady flow of bulls, cows, and calves kept us busy deworming and performing veterinary medicine.   At the end a very hot and dirty, but satisfying day we had examined and treated 40 cows and dewormed over 300!  Various disease transmitted by ticks were the major problems for most of the animals we saw.

We will spend the week in the Meru area working with local Dairy groups.  We get a short break from dairy work when we go to sweetwaters tented camp to view some wild life on the ol pejeta reserve and then we head back to the Karatina area for our final week!  

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