Thursday, February 13, 2014

Imagine the excitement of unveiling three Village Feast cookhouses

Village Feast members, Jolyne Sharkey and Ilse Peters-Ching were excited to open three cookhouses at three schools during the past couple of weeks.
The construction of the  cookhouses and the energy efficient cookers were paid for by the Village Feast over the past few years.
The cookhouse is a kitchen where the morning porridge and the lunch stew are prepared and served to the school children.   The children’s parents provide the maize and beans for the stew and Farmers Helping Farmers with their partner DFATD support  a school garden to produce vegetables for the stew with funds from the Village Feast for the school gardeners wages.
The three schools are all primary schools with over 200 children at each school  from nursery to standard 8.
The schools are all twinned with Island schools as follows:
Mitoone Primary School  is twinned with West Kent Consolidated School
King’O Primary School is twinned with Gulf Shore Consolidated School
Marinya-a-Ruibi Primary School is twinned with Margate  Pastoral Charge 
During their time in Kenya Ilse and Jolyne also visited four other cookhouses sponsored by the Village Feast.
Thank you Village Feast! You are making a huge difference in the lives of the school children at these schools.


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Ilse Peters-Ching said...

Thank you for the opportunity to travel with Farmers Helping Farmers to see first-hand the incredible work that the organization does. It was incredible to open the cookhouses and amazing to see the results of years of hard work and dedication to the Machui and Ruuju areas.
Ilse Peters-Ching