Thursday, February 13, 2014

We visited Shaad Olingo's farm

By Teresa Mellish

Last weekend, Ken, John, Eddy and I visited Shaad Olingo’s farm in Muhoroni.  I know that all of the people who have volunteered in Kenya over the past 30 years  with Farmers Helping Farmers know Shaad and will recall his wonderful hospitality.  We tell all of our volunteers to feel free to ask Shaad anything- because there is nothing he has not been  asked before by Canadians!

Anyway back to the farm, Shaad’s farm, called GAD-Hortec (named after his three sons) is a two hour drive from Nakuru on the highway to Kisumu.  It has black soil and most important, it has lots of water!!!
He is presently growing bananas, mangoes and papaya.  He has also grown tomatoes, onions, kale and potatoes.
He wants to dig a pond to store the water and then irrigate his crops with the stored water.  
The area where his farm is located  in Nyanza county – we saw fields of sugar cane and we learned that the county is food deficient so he should have no trouble selling the food he produces.
It was a wonderful farm which Shaad was delighted to show us.


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