Saturday, February 15, 2014

Training on financial record keeping

Ron Herbert, a retired accountant and a volunteer with Farmers Helping Farmers,  taught two classes of basic financial record keeping to the Directors of five dairies we work with in Kenya.

The approach he took was to show the farmers how they could keep financial records on their own shambas.    He developed the curriculum for 4 sessions for each dairy and a Kenyan will teach the other two sessions. 
We have tried to have Kenyan accountants teach accounting and they try to make accountants out of our partners by making it too complicated.
 Even though most farmers don’t like bookkeeping, it’s a necessary part of any business, including farming.   The Kenya dairy farmers were appreciative of the training- they even did their homework between the two sessions!!
One of the attached pictures shows a few farmers discussing the training. They are seated under a large avocado tree near Karatina which provides shade- it is the most pleasant classroom in the world. The other one shows Ken Mellish presenting a laptop computer to the Dairy Chairman so they can start computerizing their milk records.  This laptop was donated to us.


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